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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

Jeff Goodman and Bob Ryan are back and this time, on location, from the brand new (kinda) TD Garden! 

Recorded following the Celtics - Mavericks contest on Monday, November 11th.

Goodman and Ryan give you another tour of the NBA with intense focus on the Knicks crazy press conference. Bob Ryan says, "In 50 years of covering the NBA, I've never seen anything like that press conference."

Oh yeah, it's Bob's 50 year Anniversary!

Then right on to the Celtics. Life without Hayward is being portrayed in the media as bright and peachy. Not so in the minds of Ryan and Goodman. They explain why. They do, however, love what Kemba Walker is doing in Boston.

Bob rants on player minutes (or lack of). 

The Luka Dončić Love fest is in full effect. This is an episode not to be missed from the NEW Hub on Causeway (Boston Garden).

The busting continues as Goodman launches jabs at Bob's crazy amount of college games attended (201). Classic moment for sure!