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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

TJ McConnell joins Bob & Jeff to talk about his NBA career, upbringing, and his upcoming free agency process. 

Ryan & Goodman also break down the Western Conference finals, including DeAndre Ayton's impact against the Clippers and Chis Paul's return. Also, do the Hawks have a legit chance vs. the Bucks?

1:03: Goodman tells TJ McConnell a special story
2:30: How McConnell is currently playing "the waiting game"
8:05: Who's TJ's pick to win this year's NBA Finals?
10:33: Watching DeAndre Ayton in the Western Conference Finals
14:02: Is Ben Simmons currently taking on unfair criticism? 
17:18: What's it like growing up in a family that's overly passionate about basketball?
19:00: McConnell's favorite Joel Embiid story in Philly
23:00: Pacers at full-strength would surprise people
25:40: McConnell's reaction to hearing that Brad Stevens stepped down from coaching
30:30: The NBA's new rules
32:00: Toughest player McConnell ever had to guard
37:51: Cam Payne goes off in Game 2 for the Suns
43:55: Do the Hawks have a chance against the Bucks?
45:48: The Rockets will have a dilemma picking at no.2 in this year's NBA Draft