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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

What's gone terribly wrong with the Celtics and is the season salvageable? Bob & Jeff Discuss. 

Also, NBA All-Star selections were announced; who was snubbed? & NCAA March Madness is back.

1:03: How Jeff stumped Danny Ainge
3:00: The Celtics & Knicks are currently tied; whose fault is this
6:40: Who's going to lead? The Celtics don't have anyone who's led by example
9:10: Celtics fans zeroing in on Brad Stevens; he's in the hot seat
12:50: The Utah Jazz's domination; how long can they keep this up?
17:15: LaMelo Ball's thriving in Charlotte; reputation's through the roof
20:15: Gordon Hayward's health with the Hornets and what is his value now compared to what it was in the offseason?
23:31: 2021 NBA All-Star Game snubs
27:45: Jeff's heading to NCAA March Madness
35:40: Who's going to be the new head coach for men's basketball at Boston College?