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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

May 1, 2020

NBA writer Sam Smith joins Bob & Jeff to talk about Michael Jordan and the Bulls, "The Last Dance" documentary and unforgettable stories about Smith's time around the team


10:47: What’s your relationship with Michael Jordan like today?

14:05: Similar Personalities: Larry Bird & Michael Jordan

20:25: Jerry Krause’s portrayal in “The Last Dance” documentary

24:20: Krause’s personality around Jordan and his teammates

29:52: Sam Smith’s Jerry Krause story

33:34: Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen’s relationship

37:09: Bob Ryan’s Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen in Barcelona story

43:38: Phil Jackson never wanted a rebuild in Chicago; Krause felt like Jackson owed him

 45:54: The potential Pippen trade between Chicago & Boston

48:09: Jordan’s baseball career wasn’t as bad as people remember

54:10: Are you surprised to see Jordan so open in this documentary?

57:10: Sam Smith’s favorite Jordan story