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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Sep 3, 2020

Former NBA GM Ryan McDonough joins Bob and Jeff to talk about the Nets hiring Steve Nash, how good the Heat are right now and recap Game 7 between the Thunder & Rockets

2:22: Bob Ryan attended Ryan McDonough christening
5:15: What drew you to becoming an Executive?
9:13: Steve Nash announced as the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets
11:49: Nash, without any experience, beat out all other black head coaching candidates
14:20: Multiple teams have been interesting in Nash for head coaching jobs in the past
21:39: Thunder's late-game execution in Game 7
26:00: NBA playoff officiating
31:00: How good are the Heat?
36:48: The Heat & Clippers are on a collision course to the NBA Finals
38:41: Can the Celtics reach the NBA Finals without Gordon Hayward?
43:00: Tatum needs to stop whining to the officials