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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

May 20, 2021

Bob & Jeff recap the NBA's exciting Play-In Tournament that included an epic showdown between LeBron James & Steph Curry, and Jayson Tatum dropped 50 points for the Celtics. 

But, how good are the Lakers heading into their series against the Suns? We discuss and recap Basketball Hall of Fame's Class of 2020

0:51: How good was the NBA's Play-In Tournament?
1:40: LeBron James Vs Steph Curry
4:22: Did LeBron really see three hoops or is he up for an Academy Award?
6:22: Bob Ryan's rant on the officiating in the Lakers/Warriors game
11:00: At this stage in his career, how long will Steph Curry sustain this impressive level of play
13:45: Do you believe in LeBron James & the Lakers topping the Suns in the first round?
17:28: Goodman took in Jayson Tatum's 50-point game as a spectator at TD Garden
21:09: Goodman still likes Bradley Beal over Jaylen Brown for the Celtics
22:18: Celtics vs Nets predictions
24:55: How do you feel about Philly's chances?
27:19: Bob Ryan's Hall of Fame weekend & speeches30:26: KG's Hall of Fame speech
32:06: Tim Duncan's speech
33:42: If Kobe was still with us...
35:42: Does Robert Horry belong in the Basketball Hall of Fame?