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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Jul 24, 2020

Magic guard Michael Carter Williams joins Bob & Jeff from Orlando where he played his first game in the NBA Bubble. Williams tells us what life post-COVID-19 has been like. 

He also talks about his NBA journey and the tough times that eventually led to an opportunity with the Magic

1:48: On using his workout facility during the quarantine period

3:30: Playing in his first game in ‘NBA Bubble’/adjusting to the new environment

6:56: Playing with a chip on his shoulder

9:33: The difference between playing defense in college and in the NBA

12:22: Depression set in for Williams when he went unsigned

15:16: The pro athlete stigma & NBA players bringing awareness to mental health

18:03: On seeing a therapist in California & Orlando/getting back together with his girlfriend

21:46: On fatherhood

24:15: The message Williams will have on the back of his jersey

25:14: Dealing with racism in Hamilton, Massachusetts

34:32: Relationship with head coach Steve Clifford

36:20: Just started getting into fishing with teammates

38:33: Relationship with Marquelle Fultz & life and career similarities