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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

New York basketball legend Kenny Anderson takes Bob & Jeff through the ups and downs of his NBA career. 

Kenny talks about what it took for him to reach the pros, life after the NBA, and how lucky Kenny is to still be with us. Tune in to this powerful, emotional interview.

0:57: How Bob Ryan first learned about Kenny Anderson when Kenny was 14 years old
5:00: Anderson's first college recruit trip & Georgia Tech may have paid his mom for committing
7:16: Kenny's Final Four story
11:35: How's life been for Kenny Anderson of late?
13:17: What's your take on Kyrie Irving & the Brooklyn Nets?18:02: Kemba Walker is struggling, what do you make of it?
21:21: Oklahoma State's Cade Cunningham
23:36: Anderson's fortunate list of elite NBA head coaches 
26:37: What was playing for Rick Pitino like?
27:23: How Kenny was heartbroken when Boston traded him. He wanted to retire a Celtic
30:05: When were you most-happy playing basketball?
36:21: Kenny's lowest point of his life/dealing with depression
37:33: Kenny's life-threatening wake-up call
39:40: Who's the funniest teammate you ever had?
41:17: The infamous trip to North Korea with Dennis Rodman
45:00: What advice would you give to the younger NBA generation?