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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

James Harden's trade demand stands as the Houston Rockets have a decision to make, will they trade with Brooklyn? Bob & Jeff discuss how things could pan out. 

Also, Kemba Walker will miss the start of the season. How much trouble are the Celtics in?

2:20: James Harden out in Houston?
5:10: How will it play out in Brooklyn if Harden ends up with the Nets?
8:36: Should Celtics use their Traded Player Exception to acquire James Harden
10:19: Are the Celtics a lock to make the playoffs without Kemba Walker?
13:18: Is Jeff Teague Brad Stevens' new temporary starting point guard?
15:17: Jayson Tatum has to be a clear top-10 player
18:10: Kyrie Irving isn't talking to the media
20:34: Would you want the Celtics to bring back Isaiah Thomas right now?
25:33: Ben Simmons experiment at PF was a bust
30:27: Happy birthday, Larry Bird/Bob's Larry Legend story
32:25: Who's the most intimidating person Bob Ryan ever interviewed?
39:50: Is Jaylen Brown ready to be the No. 2 guy on a championship team?
43:13: People will always forget how important Gordon Hayward was for the Celtics last season