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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Apr 17, 2020

How will Jalen Green's decision to bypass college and head to the NBA's G League impact NCAA Basketball's future? Bob and Jeff break it down.

Also, how COVID-19 will affect powerhouse schools in a big way next season.


1:03: Bob Ryan runs errands instead of quarantining

2:30: Jalen Green’s announcement to bypass NCAA for NBA’s G League

3:45: Why is Adam Silver making the G League an option for high school prospects?

10:08: Is Jalen Green starting a trend for future top prospects?

16:28: Will you go watch Jalen Green when he comes to Portland to play the Red Claws?

19:43: How COVID-19 will affect NCAA powerhouses next season

21:10: Will media members be allowed back into locker rooms after COVID-19 pandemic?

24:35: NCAA Transfer Portal

31:24: Comparing NCAA Basketball eras

33:54: Transfer waivers

36:42: The signature shot in the history of basketball