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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Jul 17, 2020

A quarantined Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe joins Bob & Jeff from Orlando to talk about the likelihood of the NBA pulling off its return from start to finish. 

Also, Washburn relives covering Kyrie Irving and what he made of Irving's two years in Boston.

1:37: Quarantined in Orlando is “a little boring” but the TV is great

7:52: How well do you feel about seeing the NBA pull this off from start to finish?

 14:50: Who’s the next Knicks head coach & what happens after that?

17:49: Is New York the right place for Tom Thibodeau?

21:32: What did you make of Kyrie Irving’s two years with the Celtics?

28:41: Did the Celtics need Brad Stevens to be more confrontational throughout the 2018-19 season?

30:50: Why did you pick Paul Pierce at no. 1 for the Boston Globe’s All-Time Celtics Fantasy Draft?

37:04: Bob Ryan’s All-Time Celtics Fantasy team

39:42: Who snitched on Dwight Howard for not wearing a mask?

40:13: Goodman’s Chris Paul story

43:08: Jrue Holiday’s impact on and off the court

47:06: No one took longer to speak to the media after Celtics games than Kevin Garnett & Kyrie Irving