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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Gary Tanguay believes the Celtics need to trade for James Harden in order to be champion contenders. Bob strongly disagrees and Jeff chimes in on the debate.

Is Boston in big trouble?

2:22: Why Gary wants James Harden in Boston
3:44: Can James Harden deliver a championship with the Celtics?6:55: How much does Kemba Walker actually fit in with the Celtics and will he ever be healthy?
11:10: Tatum is on his way to being a top-5 NBA player, Celtics need a No.2 
15:32: Are the Celtics close to tuning out Brad Stevens?
17:18: The continuity was never there with Gordon Hayward, Kemba Walker
20:38: Kyrie Irving update: backpedaling & "pawns"
25:30: Is Steve Nash really the Brooklyn Nets' head coach?
29:55: Does any superstar truly want to team up with James Harden?
31:42: Is this it for the Pats this year? Are they done?