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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Jul 10, 2020

Heat forward Duncan Robinson takes Bob & Jeff inside the NBA bubble in Orlando.

Robinson also talks about John Beilein, being an undrafted/former D3 athlete and what that was like, the Miami Heat organization and much more


3:22: What’s the NBA Orlando bubble like?

6:08: How long will it take to get your stamina back?

9:00: Does the ascension of your career still feel surreal?

11:33: On Wall Street Journal calling him “the most improbable player in the NBA”

13:30: Who has the best golf game on the Heat?

14:33: On rules and regulations surrounding NBA players visiting each other in the “bubble”

15:38: Were you surprised when you found out that John Beilein was heading to the NBA?

19:48: Will Beilein head back to coaching college basketball?

22:38: What was the toughest Big 10 arena to play in?

24:40: As a former D3 athlete/undrafted player, did ever think you weren’t good enough for the NBA?

26:56: Name an NBA player who’s blown your mind, so far, during you career?

30:09: Are you confident that the NBA can pull off this “bubble” in Orlando?

33:20: On Erik Spoelstra’s coaching style

37:55: When do you feel the influence of Pat Riley?

39:16: How will you spend your downtime in Orlando before the games start?