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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Sep 28, 2021

How will it all play out for Doc Rivers, Ben Simmons, and the 76ers? Bob & Jeff discuss. 

Also, will Kyrie Irving be forced to miss games this season? And Jason Kidd interestingly calls out Luka Doncic at Media Day

2:08: Kyrie Irving Media Day appearance
5:56: Does Kyrie believe in COVID-19 conspiracy theories?
8:20: Why James Harden should be pissed off
12:00: Will this COVID-19 vaccine conversation end by the start of the regular season?
14:36: What's next for the 76ers and Ben Simmons?
17:40: Was Doc Rivers' postseason comments about Ben Simmons' future a mistake?
22:48: Jason Kidd calls out Luka Doncic
26:17 Are you surprised the Nuggets re-signed Michael Porter Jr?30:24: Is Zion Williamson doomed for an injury-riddled career?32:49: JJ Redick retires