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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

May 27, 2021

Bob & Jeff respond to Kyrie Irving's "subtle racism" comments about Celtics fans at TD Garden & are the Nets an unstoppable force in the NBA Playoffs?

0:58: Jeff's story at his daughter's game
2:00: Running into Tyler Hansbrough
5:33: Will the Celtics wave the white flag?
7:18: Are the Clippers in trouble?
9:10: New development in the Luka Doncic is the modern-day Larry Bird claim
12:11: How good is Utah?
17:12: Are the Bucks a title contender?
21:11: Knicks fans back at MSG
24:16: Fan dumps popcorn on Russell Westbrook
27:04: Kyrie Irving is taunting Celtics fans
30:07: Bob talks about being accused of being a racist
32:27: What's going to happen at TD Garden in Game 3?
35:44: Are the Nets an unstoppable force?