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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Sep 17, 2020

How did the Nuggets stun the Clippers? Bob & Jeff explain and their chances against the Lakers. 

Also, with Kemba Walker struggling, do the Celtics have enough to beat Miami?

1:31: "The Clippers are the Clippers"3:14: Personnel problems start with Paul George
7:10: What are the Nuggets' chances of beating the Lakers?
10:26: NBA players constantly complaining about the officials
12:14: Magic Johnson on Bam Adebayo's game-winning block
17:32: Jayson Tatum's play at the end of regulation in Game 1
19:00: Conflicting reports on whether or not Gordon Hayward will head home for the birth of his child
20:37: "I rather have the ball in Kemba's hands"
22:27: If Kemba doesn't snap out of it, the Celtics are not going to win
26:16: The NCAA Basketball new start date