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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

Bob and Jeff review the NBA's past 24 hours, including the Bucks boycott, meetings between the players and the league, the Jacob Blake shooting and what's next for the NBA

1:10: Initial reaction to the Bucks boycotting Game 5 vs Magic
4:20: Doc Rivers' speech
6:30: Lakers & Clippers part in Wednesday night's meeting
9:20: Past memorable boycotts in sports
12:49: NBA players need to get on the same page. This boycott wasn't properly organized
16:24: Living in the Bubble doesn't help, NBA players miss their families, friends & lack of restrictions
19:04: What white parent has to give "the talk"?
21:10: NBA players know this isn't going to strike immediate change but it plants a seed
23:54: Bill Russell's voice on social media during these times
25:51: Kenny Smith walking off TNT's set
26:40: Goodman on the blow back he's received on Twitter surrounding these social injustice issues