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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

May 11, 2020

Bill Walton takes a trip down memory lane from his days of playing for the great John Wooden to funny times in Boston alongside Larry Bird and the Celtics.

4:10: The day Bob Ryan met Bill Walton

7:20: When Bill Walton learned to appreciate Red Auerbach & the Celtics

11:43: The time Jeff Goodman fact-checked Bill Walton

14:06: Bill Walton’s relationship with John Wooden

25:09: There’s always people who’ll be little success

26:23: Two sets of threes John Wooden lived by

29:06: I’m as busy as I’ve ever been

36:29: Playing against Larry Bird in the Boston Garden

41:34: Getting to know Larry Bird as a teammate

48:44: 1986 series vs. Hawks

52:58: Funny KC Jones story

59:41: Relationship with Red Auerbach