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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

Bob & Jeff discuss New York's incredible winning streak and how Tom Thibodeau is an early candidate for Coach of the Year honors but can the Knicks win a playoff series this year?

Also, Brad Stevens "recommits" and addresses the rumored offer to return to NCAA. How long is Stevens' "window" in Boston?

0:52: Was Brad Stevens ever considering leaving the Celtics?
3:15: How long will the Celtics stick with Brad Stevens?
5:43: Steph Curry's absurd stretch of games
9:04: Curry's influence on the game of basketball
10:26: Where does Steph Curry rank amongst the greatest NBA players of all time?
13:30: Top 10 all-time greatest NBA players?
19:24: James Harden sidelined, can the Nets finish strong?
23:04: Tom Thibodeau turning the Knicks around this season
27:10: Can the Knicks now lure a top-tier free agent?
31:48: Should the Knicks target Karl-Anthony Towns?
34:44: Bob Ryan's unique eye-popping NBA stat