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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Should Los Angeles be concerned over LeBron James' health and are the Lakers still favorites to win the West? 

Also, Kevin Love's odd behavior in Cleveland. What should happen to Love and the Cavs?

0:40: The sudden, tragic death of Terrence Clarke
5:12: Goodman's Terrence Clarke story at Brewster
7:20: Devin Booker & Chris Paul are cooking. When do we start calling the Suns title-contenders?
12:04: How Chris Paul's influence is making a big difference in Phoenix but how will this one end?
14:15: LeBron James is still out. Should we be worried?
20:45: How vulnerable are the Lakers and where do the Jazz & Clippers fit in all of this?
22:42: Bob Ryan's NBA Eastern Conference Power Rankings
27:30: NCAA's transfer pool
35:20: Reactions to Kevin Love's actions in Cleveland 
38:08: Jeff Goodman's interesting Kevin Love story