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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

May 7, 2021

Will LeBron James and the Lakers partake in the NBA's Play-In Tournament & is Brad Stevens or Jaylen Brown leaving the Celtics a foregone conclusion?

Jeff explains and Bob delivers his take on Russell Westbrook chasing triple-doubles

0:44: Do you support the Celtics' decision to retire Kevin Garnett's number?
3:39: Russell Westbrook stacking up triple-doubles 
8:48: How does Russell Westbrook's triple-doubles compare to Oscar Robertson?
12:50: Bob Ryan's story from his days of moonlighting the Celtics on the road
17:33: Why Russell Westbrook will never quite get the respect that he deserves
19:11: Would Bradley Beal be a better sidekick for Jayson Tatum than Jaylen Brown?
20:33: The Celtics have to make a decision; either Brad Stevens is out or you trade Jaylen Brown
22:54: Derrick Rose's renaissance season & the Knicks
25:40: What is James Dolan doing?
28:24: LeBron James' opinion on the NBA's new Play-In Tournament
30:09: Are the Lakers in trouble?
32:44: The Udonis Haslem situation
36:00: Kyrie Irving's fined & are the Nets still the villains of the NBA?
41:00: Who Jeff predicts to be the next NCAA head coach to head to the NBA