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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Sep 24, 2020

Can the Celtics come back from a 3-1 hole?

Ryan & Goodman discuss and the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers & Nuggets

1:07: What I love most about Tyler Herro
6:00: Are the Celtics dead and buried?
11:20: Jayson Tatum's first half in Game 4
13:45: Dragic is outplaying Kemba & Spoelstra's out-coaching Stevens
16:20 I'm getting excited about a possible Heat-Lakers NBA Finals
1927: With a healthy Gordon Hayward, this is a different series
23:30: Are you worried about the Lakers bench?
28:36: Billy Donovan lands the Bulls head coaching job
35:20: Goodman's Donovan & Rick Flair story