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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

Bob & Jeff discuss Andrew Wiggins' major decision; what it could mean for Kyrie Irving and the NBA and debate which underrated teams in the Eastern Conference will thrive this year
1:14: Why October is the best month of the year
2:46: Tom Brady vs Mac Jones
6:07: Andrew Wiggins unwillingly vaccinated 
11:17: Potential...

Sep 28, 2021

How will it all play out for Doc Rivers, Ben Simmons, and the 76ers? Bob & Jeff discuss. 

Also, will Kyrie Irving be forced to miss games this season? And Jason Kidd interestingly calls out Luka Doncic at Media Day

2:08: Kyrie Irving Media Day appearance
5:56: Does Kyrie believe in COVID-19 conspiracy theories?

Sep 16, 2021

Bob & Jeff discuss the 2021 Hall Of Fame Inductees, Also, John Wall's situation with the Rockets, Aaron Gordon's extension with the Nuggets, & the College Basketball ranks!

1:11 HOF Reactions

19:53 John Wall's Situation With The Houston Rockets

25:00 Aaron Gordon & Denver Nuggets agree to four-year, $92 million

Sep 13, 2021

In our best of summer 2021 episode, we re-visit our best segments over the past few months, including our interview with TJ McConnell, Bob's take on Chris Paul's legacy & Jeff's take on the new and improved Lakers
1:15: Goodman's TJ McConnell story
4:09: McConnell Interview: New generation of NBA superstars
12:21: TJ...

Aug 18, 2021

Bob & Jeff discuss Marcus Smart's contract extension and what it means for the Celtics' future. Also, Joel Embiid's supermax contract, and will the Sixers find a solution for Ben Simmons?  

1:06: Reactions to Marcus Smart's contract extension with the Celtics
3:03: Will Marcus Smart ever change?
8:10: How scary will...